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Launching “CBD or THC” website

After many years of using both CBD and THC, I thought it was about time to put some of my experiences and knowledge to use. From foolishly mixing tobacco and cannabis in “spliff” in my youth to the more refined hum of the volcano vaporizer of the present day, I’ve blazed weed every way possible, from hotboxing spliff in a car to doing inflated buckets in swimming pools (don’t do it the chlorine a killer!) Nowadays edibles and vaporizers are making it healthier, at least physically, to consume more and more cannabis. Things have not only changed radically on how to consume cannabis but also the legal and public perception of cannabis in general. From being demonized on the 10’o’clock news to being the darling of mainstream daytime media, its quite the transformation!  From dweebs getting stoned on “big bang theory”  to Elon Musk sparking a blunt up on Joe Rogan. Not only is recreational consuming cannabis going up in the UK and the USA but around the world. Medicinal cannabis is starting to gain traction across the globe the UK government has been quick to cash in and is the biggest producer of medical cannabis in the world. For many in the UK these seem bittersweet as many people found to be growing cannabis still face real jail time, while ironically the person jailing them in the biggest producer in the world!  

I have experience in using cannabis medically and recreationally. And where the law aloud I also grew for my own consumption “where the law permitted”. Grow also took me to the “grow shops” and then later to buying stuff online from the likes of amazon and ebay! weeds gone mainstream there is no other way to put it! “CBD or THC” aims to bring you informative writing on CBD and THC related topics. 

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