• November 7, 2018
  • Cannabis
  • by Jimmy Vickers
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Many people are rightly confused surrounding the legalities of CBD products in the UK. Without clear direction from the goverment, things are difficult for consumers and prescribers alike. With mainstream media promoting the benefits of CBD its understandable about the sudden rise in demand.

With the cannabis market still in its infancy here in the UK, brands are jockeying for position. With major money coming into the equation lets hope the quality of products and government safeguards come into protect consumers. CBD comes in a wide variety of products from things you can eat and drink to things you burn and inhale.

However, lots of charities are jumping on the bandwagon and producing sub-par and totally non CBD contains products! So buyers must beware.

CBD flowers? Just looks like weed

Now this is where things can get confusing. CBD bud looks a lot like just normal weed. One is legal to buy and consume in the UK and one isnt, yet the look-alike, the only difference in the level of THC in them! At the time of writing, July 2019, CBD bud is legal in the UK along as it has a THC content lower than 0.3% , any product over this 0.3% THC level is still illegal in the UK   

Are you a Tony or a Frank?

Dont get high off your own supply that what Frank Lopez said, well tuyrns out Tony strongly disagreed with Franks princples ansddid infact get incredible high of his own supply! What would you do in such circumstance? I’m a Tony, how about you?

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